PDX Snowboarding 2008


In late December 2008, I wake up to another 6″ of snow. My backyard has been blanketed with almost a foot in the last few days. The temperature has stayed around 25 degrees and the snow is dry and fluffy. I take a minute to wonder why I slept so late in such perfect conditions.

Paul answers the phone and is all about going downtown to ride. Last December we did the same, but this time we add Jeff to the crew. He is getting off work downtown so we pile into the Jeep and swing down.

Once we meet up with Jeff and get his gear together, we decide on the destination; Zoobomb. We all pay our $2 and hop on the MAX.


The elevator door opens to a storming paradise. Washington Park, which sits at around 1,000′, has had much more snow dumping on it than our respective houses. We climb up the stairs into a shelter and pound down the beers we brought. Through the billowing smoke we trek out into the wonderland and start towards the summit and beginning of the zoobomb.

Before we make it up we are distracted by the stairs leading to the Vietnam Memorial. I pull out my camera and snap a few of Jeff and Paul hitting the rail. It’s really dumping at this point, so its hard to get a solid shot.

We continue up the hill towards the zoobomb. Strap in and drop into what is quite fast on a skate or bike, and quickly realize that the road is a lot shallower on a board. It takes us nearly an hour to get down, unstrapping and walking for a good portion. Dusk is quickly approaching as we grab the MAX back up.


Back on top we decide we will have to explore to find a good run. From the summit we head due East. When the slope is steep enough to strap in, we start piggy-backing a trail and end up on the face of a large steep meadow. The run is short but good. As hard as I try, I cannot carve hard enough to reach the grass underfoot.

We decide to continue trekking, hoping to run into more ridable terrain. Two hours later we are lost in some remote corner of Washington Park, flat as hell. Not even my iPhone’s GPS can find us a good route out. After searching we end up back on track and finish the bomb. This time we take Slammin’ Salmon towards PGE Park and stumble upon a jib park.

The setup is relatively good. There is a kicker up to a long slightly not flat rail thats shoulder high from the sidewalk. After that, some odds and ends, a garbage can lid, and at the bottom a picnic table with kick and landing.


We ride until our legs are burning, and then take some toboggan runs. Snow skates succeed in busting our asses up, and we pile back into the Jeep and roll out.

This storm has got me so stoked on not having a pass at a resort this winter. While my bros up on the hills have been hanging out in tank tops and chillin in 60+ degree sun, the valley has kicked out up to 18″ of freshies.

Merry f’n Christmas! -dNo 2009.

The Crew